Being based by the sea we have seen humanity's impact on the Earth first hand. We believe that great food shouldn't cost the earth and so have taken steps to minimise our impact on the environment.

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It's not possible to sell our fresh products without packaging. To combat this we use recyclable materials that are (where possible) compostable, so they won't be floating around forever. To avoid single use packaging, we offer our fresh products in ceramic pots with unique reusable food wraps. We also provide completely compostable takeaway boxes and containers, by vegware. We have even been awarded a Plastic Free certificate from Plastic Free Deal.

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We make our fresh products in store using local suppliers. However, to maintain authenticity, we do buy some of our. homeware and dry food range from overseas. To lower our impact we have selected suppliers from one region and ship all our items together.

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Running a business that is completely eco friendly is hard but we make steps everyday to work towards this goal. You can also make some steps at home, such as turning off electric/lights that do not need to be used. Trying to decrease plastic use. For example, using bamboo straws (we love the colourful ones) and always remembering to take your reusable bag when shopping for delicious ingredients. At Pomegranate we try and keep our waste as low of possible. We even give our coffee ground to a lovely local man who uses it as compost. We use washable and reusable tupperwear when storing food. You can also do this at home. Substitute cling film!